Caroline Crook.

Inventor. Designer. Mother.


The Pocket Scarf is a scarf you don't have to babysit, no more wrapping round your head, no matching up uneven ends, its my saviour. What's more, it does something! it has purpose! it has Function! and its warm!


As a single mother I was piled up like Buckaroo with shopping bags, work bags, handbag, as well as having a 2 year old who would always demand a tissue or drink at the most unpractical times. Something had to give. What gave, was my circular scarf with its handy zip. during a particularly laden day i reached for my tissues only to find I couldn't find the zip, needed to put my bags down to take off my gloves to undo the zip, by which time my son has run off, my shopping is rolling out of the bag and Im done!


I went home and tore apart my beautiful scarf, fashioned it and manipulated it into a mock version of something I thought could work and tried it the next day the first ever version of The Pocket Scarf. Hallelujah!! The gloves were on! still on! the child was safe, the shopping in tact and the tissue retrieved, what's more my house key was reachable and my phone to hand.
The Pocket Scarf was born! I needed a life that was fast, concise and productive with ease, the pocket scarf gives me all this and more, nowadays even a place to keep my mask for shopping trips and travel.
The pocket scarf is now used by a wealth of people and featured in a wealth of industries for its unique patented design and ease of use. After all, why babysit your scarf when your scarf can babysit you?

What would you keep in yours?